Digital Harmonic Releases Automatic Image Enhancement Technology: PurePixel

ELLICOTT CITY, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Digital Harmonic, an innovative image and signal processing technology company, today announced it released the first version of its automatic image enhancement technology, PurePixel. With a suite of software products planned, Digital Harmonic’s initial offering provides the ability to enhance the quality of data in images, video, and streams. PurePixel performs automatic recognition and programmatic manipulation of pixel values to correct and amplify detail, enhance contrast, and reduce noise. Residing upstream of a machine learning image classifier, PurePixel is little more than a “bump in the wire” in any real-time image, video, or stream processing workflow.

With less than one frame delay, PurePixel can either stream or store the heightened information and is operational on Electro-Optic (E), Infrared (IR), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Multi-and Hyper-Spectral imager (MSI and HIS) and Non-Imaging IR systems. In various machine learning image classifiers, PurePixel has continually demonstrated increased object detection and proper classification in the areas of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), quality control in manufacturing and agriculture, security, navigation, forensics and other domains.

Mason Baron, CTO of Digital Harmonic, applied decades of experience in software development, surveillance system design, and imagery, signal, and radar processing to bring PurePixel to market.

“We are incredibly excited to release this version of PurePixel, as it fills a critical void in video processing for surveillance that improves the performance of all downstream processing and exploitation and increases the range of effectiveness of existing sensors. It also greatly advances imager effectiveness at night and in all-weather environmental conditions and gives us an excellent foundation to aggressively build on over the next several months,” says Baron.

Digital Harmonic CEO, Scott Haiges says, “PurePixel will augment existing systems and interface as a plug-in to provide programmatic enhancement that significantly increases the quality and usability of images, videos, and streams. PurePixel is redefining ‘state of the art’ in image, video, and real-time stream enhancement, and is changing the game for computer vision.”

About Digital Harmonic

Digital Harmonic offers a better way to see and hear the world, through a suite of software products designed to enhance the quality of data in images and signals across the frequency spectrum. Created in 2016, after years of research by founder Paul Reed Smith, of PRS Guitars, Digital Harmonic holds almost 100 registered and pending trademarks, several copyrights and nearly two dozen patents. With applications in intelligence and defense sectors, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, Digital Harmonic is positioned to not only transform the way we live our lives, but how we see the world. For more information, visit

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