Digital Harmonic Launches Subsidiary DH CytoAcoustics, LLC., Unlocking Breakthrough Technology for Understanding How Cells Communicate Through Acoustic Vibrations

CytoAcoustic’s Proprietary Hardware systems combined with Digital Harmonic’s PMM Software enables precise real-time measurement and interpretation of the vibratory signature properties of living human cells, offering the unique advancement in ability to make cancer diagnoses within minutes and direct diagnoses and treatment for multiple other disease processes…

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Webinar Recap

We were excited to host a webinar on December 15th featuring Digital Harmonic’s own Chief Technology Officer! Mason Baron took us through how best to use automated quality metrics to optimize streaming efficiency to all devices. Perceived quality is paramount in the entertainment and viewing industry, and the way we measure it has changed significantly. Re-watch the webinar here …

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Living Within the Quadrivium

Classical scholars may only describe the connection between geometry and music through the quadrivium—four of the seven arts associated with a liberal arts education—but Paul

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