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Revealing hidden data in images through brute force mathematical scoring and adjusting of pixel values based on neighborhood relationships.

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Delivers unprecedented image enhancement

Can see through foggy environments, remove haze from images, and extract information from under- and overexposed images.

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Process and enhance video in real-time

Leverage the software, application, and tool to conduct live real-time analyses of videos to improve the quality of output.

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Easy-to-use platform

Intuitive product platform ideal for either single- or multi-use environments, with vast application across image and video data sets.

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Providing detailed, multi-dimensional measurement, analysis, and separation of complex compound waveforms and signals.

Click on the video to view the power of Precision Measuring Matrix™ (PMM)
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Employs state-of-the-science technology

Utilizes a patented new mathematical approach for measuring signals/waveforms, employing a matrix of multiple simultaneous Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) to yield extraordinary signal detail in time/frequency/amplitude (TFA).

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Delivers dramatically improved outcomes

Results in 90% fewer measurement anomalies compared to using a single transform, the common method for many clients.

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Improves Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Delivers a measurable increase in the quality of the signal processing upstream to improve the training sets for enhanced output results and accuracy.