Software that automatically enhances your still images and full-motion video

An unrivaled capability, PurePixel® performs automatic scene recognition and programmatic manipulation of pixel values to optimize exposure, increase contrast and detail, deblur, reduce noise in low quality images, and help detect faint anomalies and increase perceivability of details.

PurePixel®, when used upstream of a machine learning image classifier, can increase the probability of object classification.

Pierce through mist with PurePixel®
Reveal previously obscured rich detail with PurePixel®

PurePixel® can process full-motion video at less than a frame delay (< 30ms/frame at 1080p) and stream or store the output. PurePixel® provides a full web User Interface (UI) and Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API) for configuration and operation, and it can be easily configured as a “bump-in-the-wire” in any real-time image, video, or stream processing workflow.

PurePixel® operates on commercial graphical processing units (GPU), either on-site or in the cloud, and does not require custom hardware or firmware – a zero lift integration.

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