Digital Harmonic and Honeywell Announce Strategic Agreement

Honeywell and Digital Harmonic, LLC have announced the signing of a partnership agreement to provide next generation edge processing software on Honeywell router platforms to improve video quality while reducing bandwidth needed to transmit and receive live video feeds. The solution will be offered to a wide range of Honeywell’s industrial, commercial and defense customers where its router platform is deployed to capture video in hand-held, manned and unmanned airborne and ground vehicle installations. 

The combination of the Honeywell router platform and Digital Harmonic’s Keyframe software enable users of edge devices to dramatically increase the quality of the video feeds captured and received through Keyframe’s unique processing power of scene recognition, temporal smoothing, video quality enhancement, and color enhancement while pre-processing the video for more efficient encoding for transmission. Keyframe has been able to demonstrate video quality metric improvement that can then be delivered at up to 80% less bitrate needed to transmit the video while retaining or even enhancing the initial video quality.  

As a software only add-on to the router platform, Keyframe operates in real-time without needing any additional power requirements, thereby staying within the original size, weight or power requirements of the router or edge device – a critical requirement for Honeywell solutions. “What excites us at Honeywell is the ability to add such critical enhancement software to our platform without having to make any material changes to our current router platform. In all cases, the quality, speed, and size of video transmissions are mission critical and Digital Harmonic’s Keyframe solution gives us a unique competitive advantage to deliver higher quality video at less bandwidth for critical decision making,” said JP Raines, Honeywell BO. 

Scott Haiges, CEO of Digital Harmonic added, “we also see another major benefit here when Keyframe delivers higher quality video feeds, the downstream machine learning applications for tagging, tracking, detection, or classification are by proxy dramatically improved, so there is a triple threat here and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Honeywell to deliver such a solution.”

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