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Mathematics of the Ultimate Rock & Roll Guitar

The fundamental technology of Digital Harmonic was developed by Paul Reed Smith and his father, Jack Smith, who was an applied mathematician. What started as an experiment for measuring waveforms from a guitar string to create a new guitar synthesizer, ended up producing a technology that could truly revolutionize the practice of signal and imaging processing. The answer is found in high harmonics—creating a best-in-class method for extracting and analyzing waveforms and signals across time, frequency, and amplitude—thus revealing information never seen before. And applying this construct to images uncovers new data that were never thought to be possible.

Four decades later, Paul now holds almost 100 registered and pending trademarks, several copyrights, and nearly two dozen patents.

Digital Harmonic is the leading innovator in the signal and image processing arena. The broad applicability of our technologies positions us to serve multiple market segments, providing significant upside opportunity for our clients. We are also positioned to disrupt the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) space by providing dramatically enhanced upstream data for AI and ML algorithms.

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